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In the construction of photovoltaic systems, the insertion of metal profiles allows a significant reduction in:

  • costs
  • time
  • environmental impact

compared to the use of other structures.

It is for this reason that most photovoltaic systems are supported by metal profiles inserted into the ground.
This type of foundation is feasible on a wide range of soil types, in general, it is made with metal profiles placed in the soil at a depth of between 150 and 200-250 mm. “

ramming & drilling

Servicios de Hincado y Perforación

General Informations

TeaTek Group is a company specialized in post driving , drilling and structure mounting for photovoltaic parks.
To carry out the driving of the posts in which the rest of the structure and the photovoltaic panels connected to it will be supported, we use the Tonker 830 , the best driving machine; a machine that inserts the posts into the ground at the required depth depending on the type of terrain.
Different types of profiles can be lined up, even of special lengths, depending on the manufacturer of the structure.

We have numerous latest generation machines.
The Tonker 830, together with the vast experience of our work operators, makes it possible for us to obtain high performance in terms of posts/day; It also facilitates rapid adaptation to any type of project, even in difficult terrain conditions, always maintaining high quality standards .

In the same way, it is possible for us to carry out ground drilling for the subsequent bolting of the posts for any type of system, from photovoltaic to solar greenhouses.
The various field works have made our team ready to determine perfectly the particularities of each type of installation and adapt its mounting systems based on it. Whether pole mounting with level changes, installation at ground level, compensation for irregularities in the ground, among others. Before starting any project, we also carry out driving tests.

Servicios de Hincado y Perforación
Servicios de Hincado y Perforación
Servicios de Hincado y Perforación


Hincadoras LatinAmerica_Hincado y Perforación

General Informations

To begin the process, the first step is to evaluate the base through the driving tests.
In these tests, the profiles of different sizes and sections are impacted to the ground to subsequently verify their resistance and load capacity of the structures and the solar locators.

Once the profiles have been fixed to the ground, the tensile tests are carried out, where their vertical and horizontal resistance capacity is substantially determined.
Drive tests and tensile tests are generally carried out after obtaining a geotechnical study.

Consecutively, the most appropriate profiles, dimensions, methodology and areas for testing are selected.


Both the driving tests and the PULL OUT tests are a fundamental part of any project to build photovoltaic solar systems.
These tests ensure the correct completion of the drive.

They allow us to know the adequate length of penetration of the profile into the subsoil to obtain adequate resistance, as well as to indicate whether the machinery we will use is the correct one to achieve it successfully.

We will be able to estimate the execution times with greater precision, since we will avoid many unexpected situations (such as the rejection of greater or lesser depths than expected).
In cases like this, you should rethink the management and make another decision, which would increase the project’s time and budget.

Another advantage is the control of vibrations in the ground produced by the driving process. In these tests we will determine the vibrations that are generated in the ground when we hit the posts.

Servicios de Hincado y Perforación
Servicios de Hincado y Perforación
Servicios de Hincado y Perforación


Hincadoras LatinAmerica_Hincado y Perforación

General Informations

The PULL OUT tests consist of tests carried out on the profile or on the driven post to determine their deformation tolerances, preparing the tensile tests both horizontally and vertically. For each load phase, the corresponding displacement measurement is performed.

Once all the load tests have been carried out, verified the allowed deformation tolerance or eliminated the profile, if necessary, the test is concluded.

Successful tensile tests ensure correct support of the structure or solar locator (tracker).

Hincadoras LatinAmerica_Hincado y Perforación
Hincadoras LatinAmerica_Hincado y Perforación
Hincadoras LatinAmerica_Hincado y Perforación


Once the driving tests and PULL OUT tests are completed, all results are compiled into a final report that includes a full explanation, a site plan, and a data sheet for each test.
The following is specified:

  • the number of tests performed
  • established areas for them
  • used machinery
  • the tool used to prepare them
  • the specific dates of the state of the soil
  • the weather existing at the time of the test
  • the general geotechnical characteristics of the study area
  • a photographic appendix
  • map with the exact location of the tests, specifying the coordinates in UTM
  • summary sheet with the relevant data for each test.


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